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Specialists at Mulago Hospital carry out a complex surgical operation and successfully separate 11 months old Siamese twins.

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

One of the doctors involved in the operation said that the process started last week with an investigation technically known as scoping where they had to identify the exact organs that the twins shared. They found that while the vaginal opening was one, inside they had separate organs. Also, they found that the twins were conjoined at the pelvis, at the large bone called the sacrum.

The team of specialist doctors who conducted the surgery refer to it as one of the most complicated procedures which had to be done carefully and slowly since it involved separation of blood vessels, this explains why separation of the babies didn’t happen immediately. This was a major milestone to Mulago Hospital as the children had been kept under monitoring since December 2019 when they were referred from Lira hospital three days after birth through a Caesarean Section operation.

However, during the lockdown in April, the couple requested to go back home with a halt in non-emergency health services however the children got malnourished. The parents could not afford proper feeding therefore Mulago Hospital had to treat this before embarking on the complex surgical operation.

Conjoined twins especially in Africa rarely survive and when they survive, usually they don’t survive the surgery. Uganda’s first conjoined twins to survive were operated seven years ago in a surgical operation that was conducted in Egypt.

Mulago National Referral Hospital reverts back to full operation for all Out-Patient & In-Patient Services

Friday, 17 July 2020

The Executive Director of Mulago National Referral Hospital while addressing the nation at the Government Media Centre opened all the hospital Out-Patient & In-Patient clinical services, this comes after the hospital has since been focusing on the treatment of COVID-19 patients, this was followed by scaling down of some hospital clinical services especially Out-Patient Clinics.

Dr. Byarugaba Baterana further explained that the lockdown has been instrumental in combating the spread of coronavirus in Uganda, therefore effectively unlocking the country through a phased, efficient, organized, long lasting, intelligent and calculated approach to save lives is what was advised by Mulago Hospital.

The last two recovered patients from COVID-19 at Mulago Hospital discharged.

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

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