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An emergency C-Section carried out on a Mother with severe COVID-19 at 36 Weeks gestation period

01 June 2021

Mulago Hospital COVID Treatment Unit carried out a successful Caesarian Section Surgery on a 36 Weeks Pregnant mother with severe COVID-19, both the mother and baby came out of the surgery alive and in a stable condition

Separation of conjoined twins referred from Kabong

15 May 2021

A surgery that lasted for s hours performed by a team of Surgeons, Nurses and Neonatologists separated a pair of conjoined twins that were referred from Kabong, The babies are alive and well.

MNRH COVID Treatment Team performs a Ceasarian Section on a mother

21 December 2020

Mulago Hospital COVID treatment Unit performs a Ceasarian Section on a mother, the baby and the mother are healthy and where discharged form the hospital

Complex surgical operation successfully separates 11 months old Siamese twins.

17, November 2020

The surgery started with an investigation technically known as scoping where they had to identify the exact organs that the twins shared. They found that while the vaginal opening was one, inside they had separate organs. Also, they found that the twins were conjoined at the pelvis. The procedure was complicated and therefore was to be carried out with extreme care since it involved separation of blood vessels, this explains why separation of the babies didn’t happen immediately. Children had been kept under monitoring since December 2019 when they were referred from Lira hospital three days after birth through a Caesarean Section operation.

Operationalization of Kiruddu National Referral Hospital

July 2019

Kiruddu hospital was in existence as a Directorate of Medicine under Mulago National Referral Hospital during the renovation works at the old and biggest hospital in Uganda, the hospital was later given its autonomy in 2019 to de-congest Mulago National Referral Hospital and also offer health care services to the people in Wakiso district.

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