Excellent Mulago Directorates


Paediatrics & Child Care

This Directorate offers only care to children below the age of 5,with sub- departments


Admin & Services

The directorate offers administrative and support services to ensure smooth and excellent services offered in the Hospital.

Internal Medicine

This is the directorate that has clinical and non-clinical services that are paid for, these include the CT-Scan, some laboratory tests, Mulago Hospital Guest house, rental facilities among others.

Surgical Services

This offers majorly In-patient services specializing in surgeries.

Nursing Services

The nurses in Mulago Hospital endeavor to offer total duty 24 hours coverage seven days a week. They are also very instrumental in cordinating with all other health care providers during patient care


This directorate specializes in determining the disease or medical condition explaining the patient's signs and symptoms.

Private Patient Services

This directorate specializes in medical conditions of internal Medicine which are predominately diseases and health problems that affect the internal organs of the body


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